Rooms Details

big beds

free drinks

food included

Queen's Arena


Queen's Arena displays elegance with contemporary furnishing, rhythmic colors, soothing lighting, and optimum space. Overlooking the beautiful views from the balcony area, the room offers an uninterrupted stay with a rich blend of leading amenities, as same as provided by a luxury heritage hotel in Kerala. The accommodation combines all the facilities as same as in your home with a size of 2000 sq. ft. and can accommodate 4 guests.We give you quality service and are available to assist you at any time during your stay.


Room size: 5000

Occupancy: 4 adults

View: front view

Bed size: 1 king size

Location: first floor

Room service: yes, if necessary


Free WiFi to our guests on request

Air Conditioner


Fully equipped kitchen to indulge in self-cooking

24 hours hot and cold water availability

Laundry Area


A comfortable room with all amenities and superior hospitality. The best Spacious and elegant rooms you can get in the homestay.